About Us

We at shuaaRS properties provide several services to our client’s needs.

SELLING; providing an honest market appraisal with comparable evidence of similar if not the same property.

We pride ourselves by giving real and honest advice not like many agents who like to list, and would give prices that are way over the market or even below the market value.

BUYING; we provide a service tailored made for all our clients, asking and probing so we can find the exact home you need, whether it be your first home or as an investment, our agents are well experienced in giving that sound advice.

We do things differently here at shuaaRS, we do a full market search, saving you time running around as the process of buying a property is probably one of the most stressful things in life, hence we save that stress for you and taking it on our shoulders, once again our agents will provide you a market analysis and comparable evidence.

RENTALS; Being in the market for over ten years, we have experienced the worst of many agents.

We will only show you the right requirements as we believe that your time is quality.

We have very close ties to large schools and many new companies moving there staffing to Dubai, we have catered for large blue chip companies and also the individuals not compromising in our services.